When Thomas Edison invented the light bulb

When Thomas Edison invented the light bulb, he had thousands of failure. It will make the appropriate adjustments to record the jordan 4 for cheap results and keep trying. Before the perfect bulb, he had a test about 10 million times. Help asked him once, why you do not respond to the failure of so many people. Edison told him that nobody knew 10,000 kinds of simply not feasible approach, it failed. Something like heart failure Edison does not exist.

If you try to do certain things, the result is not as expected, we are you, but he's happy, you know, it is necessary to put in the hands of the study carefully all that you, I found this time. BF Skinner pointed out that this is the first principle of scientific methodology that. This is an interdisciplinary Bell to jordan 3 for cheap do with William Shockley Labs. I want to invent the MOS transistor, the results seemed settled, they are the physics of semiconductor transistor of the new type. As well as the appearance and formation of integrated MOS transistor circuit these have led to the development of a new breakthrough in the field of computer and electronic equipment at the end. And as "creative failure", William Shockley, explained.

This action is the most basic to the most creative in the romance of an inability to answer questions on issues that were detected unexpectedly. It's not luck, it is the best form of creative thinking. DuPont chemical 罗伊 Putuo special 伦基, I will continue to develop a new type of coolant. However, due to can be used for heating the bonding to the surface, it creates a group of white smooth material. For "outside expected" in this matter, in order to give the original field research, carry out the experiment, take the fun stuff that, it is a production "Teflon" who was well known at the end

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