do you want the city to go to another city

How long four years, in the time scale, not only do not think the heart hard enough upside to make the life of a person than a decade. In a more or less long, as time period is not, you have some experience in the end? Four years ago, we embarked on a plane leaving Shanghai, repeat, in any case you are not able to give, to teach yourself is a decision of my own road, you have this is your way to be in pain: young people inevitably wander to have jordan 5 for cheap a dream, it's probably crazy.

In fact, think about it, do you want the city to go to another city, why not go from one country to another. Forced you do not have all day to get up early everyone, the word headache back-to-back, everyone drop resume running around, no one can be forced to leave you home to his luggage. As it was his decision, the reason that would prevent this place, I am, but I also, like why I do not forget why you stand here.

At that time, you said, but our hometown does not match our dreams, unfortunately. So what happened? I used to find this feeling that you always mentally mature enough, is the fear caused by the result is fair, I think too hard to force their own lives on the ground, but it is jordan 6 for cheap just loose it was considered pathological. Is, at a young age, is convinced some unexplainable feelings always sad weird feel abandoned by the whole world, or lonely.

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