Long ago, he intends to open a store and be ready for the boss seeks head

This year, from amateur photography "upgrade" finish as the department head of digital print, I did in the lab for seven full years. And experts have many mature, I began to think about the direction of their future career. Obviously, I need more opportunities for a better platform to improve their lives, to enrich.

Long ago, he intends to open a store and be ready for the boss seeks head of the branch store. Because it is a qualified and great prowess, my boss is not a thriller to send a branch of my responsibility. The branch, which is attached to the new campus on the university campus "trial run" a few, many campuses is to launch a website on exactly.

Rate the fine people branch led to a melancholy business, repeatedly, under the sun, and my staff, drinks and newspapers tea water. Say you can tell how business to pay salaries and rent it was a pretty bad bad profit. However, the owner, claims it is necessary to keep a good future ahead market is good. Is that it does jordan 12 for cheap not insist on business, no matter good or bad, the boss of my request not affect my treatment, in addition to stick to the door.

It makes sense, there is pressure to perform should not be very easy, but business is bad enough to make me feel years in vain. There are many times when the boss still insists blindly and we want to give a branch of the wand, but I chose to leave forget when you resign. At that time, I met a university department of Professor Keiko, then, become not saying my friend Keiko immediately. For my troubles, she said very philosophical words: "please sunflower sun relate to open, jordan 11 for cheap should it claims to have no hope of life."

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